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Smallest Spy Hidden Quick Start 64GB Audio Voice Sound Recorder

Smallest Spy Hidden Quick Start 64GB Audio Voice Sound Recorder

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64GB Quick Start One Touch Smallest Spy Hidden Quick Smart Start Digital Audio Voice Sound Recorder Lowest Price

Key Features

  • Dimensions : 0.58*3.18*5.33 cm | 0.23*1.25*2.10 inch
  • Weight : 21g/0.74oz
  • Material : Zinc alloy
  • Battery specifications : 200mAh
  • Built-in memory : 64GB
  • Recording format : WAV
  • Music format : WAV/MP3/WMA
  • Support system : Windows/Mac/Android
  • USB interface : USB 2.0
  • Operating temperature : 20 to 110°F
  • Recording sampling rate : 48KHZ
  • Charging current/voltage : 5V/1A
  • Charge time : 2.5hours
  • Bit rate : 32-384Kbps

64GB 2-3Days Battery Backup Quick Start One Touch Smallest Spy Hidden Quick Start Digital Voice Activated Audio Voice Sound Recorder Lowest Price Buy Online Store

A letter to our customers

Dear Friend,

Thank you for purchasing this product! In order to use the product correctly, please read this manual carefully before use. Before recording for the first time, please take 2.5 hours to fully charge it first. Then set the correct date and time on your computer, as the recording file will be named with the date and time. One button starts recording (ON) and saves the recording (OFF), and then connect the data cable and headphones to listen to the recording. Or, you can connect your computer to play these files. We listen carefully to every customer's opinion. If you have any questions with the product, please contact us. [Order History] - [Seller] - [Ask a Question]. For more details, please refer to Catalog 7 (Warranty & Service]. Thank you for your nice support.


  • Children should not be allowed to play with the recorder alone. Do not drop or allow your device to collide with hard objects. Otherwise, it may cause data loss or other hardware damage of the recorder.
  • Do not clean the recorder with chemical reagents or cleaning reagents, which will damage the shell of the recorder and corrode it.
  • It is recommended not to use this recorder when driving a motor vehicle or riding a bicycle.
  • Please back up the important files in the recorder in time.
  • No one can guarantee the absolute security of the data. If data loss occurs, the files will be difficult to recover.
  • Do not overload the charger. Do not allow the charging cable to be squeezed by heavy objects for a long time.

Keep your device away from combustibles when charging, in order to avoid fire. In order to prevent electric shock, do not pull out the charger with wet hands.

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