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Panasonic VL-SW274 Wireless Video Door Phone

Panasonic VL-SW274 Wireless Video Door Phone

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  • Model Composition VL-SW274
  • VL-MW274 Main Monitor Station (Main monitor) Extension Monitor
  • VL-V522L Door Station (Doorphone)
  • VL-W617 Wireless Monitor Station (Sub monitor)

Panasonic Wireless Video Doro Phone

Panasonic Door Security Bell Model No.  VL-SW274

Key Features

  • Highly Expandable

Up to 6 additional monitors can be connected to the main monitor using a combination of 7-inch wired monitors and 1.8-inch wireless monitors (However, the maximum possible number of 7-inch wired monitors is 3). In addition, PBX connectivity is also supported.

  • Wireless Monitor

Using the wireless monitor, check visitors and respond promptly from the living room, kitchen and elsewhere in the home even while you are doing something else. Up to 6 wireless monitors connectable. Max wireless range is 100 m with no obstacles. You can add on repeaters to expand the range. Up to 2 wireless repeaters connectable.

  • 7-inch Screen

The main monitor and extension monitor have a 7-inch wide screen that offers easy viewing of wide vertical and horizontal views.

  • Voice Change Function

This function makes woman’s voice (higher keys) sounds like a man’s (lower keys).

  • Electric Lock Release Support

The electric locks can be easily and quickly released using monitors (wired or wireless) from anywhere in the house.

  • Picture Recording Function

The main monitor and extension monitor can record doorphone images from up to 50 doorphone calls or monitoring

sessions. (up to 8 still images per visitor/session)

  • Night Vision with LED lights (illumination lamp)

Door station is equipped with LED lights (illumination lamp). It enables the colour display of visitors at a distance of about 50 cm at night.

Model number and name 

  • VL-MW274 
  • VL-V522L
  • VL-W617

Dimensions (mm) -

  • VL-MW274 (Main Monitor Station (Main monitor) Extension Monitor), VL-V522L (Door Station Doorphone), VL-W617 (Wireless Monitor Station (Sub monitor))

Power source -

  • VL-MW274 (220-240V AC,50/60 Hz), VL-V522L (Power supplied by the main monitor), VL-W617 (AC adaptor (100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz) Output: 6.5 V DC, 0.5 A)

Power consumption -

  • VL-MW274 (Standby: 1.9W During operation: 10.0W), VL-V522L (--), VL-W617 (AC adaptor (Standby: 0.07W (when the submonitor is not placed in the charger During charging: 1.8W)

Dimensions (Hx W x D)Excluding protruding sections -

  • VL-MW274 (158 x243 x29.5 mm), VL-V522L (131 x 99 x 36.5 mm), VL-W617 (157 x 52 x 35 mm | 115x76x90 mm 105x76x48 mm (using without the stand)

Weight - 

  • VL-MW274 (825 g*2), VL-V522L (200 g), VL-W617 (175 g (including the battery)

Operating environment - 

  • VL-MW274 (Ambient temperature Approx.0 °C to +40 °C Relative humidity (non-condensing) up to90 %), VL-V522L (Ambient temperature Approx. -15 °C to +55 °C Relative humidity (non-condensing) up to 90 % (tested up to -20 °C), VL-W617 (Ambient temperature Approx. 0 °C to +40 °CRelative humidity (non-condensing) up to 90 %), Ambient temperature Approx.0°C to +40 °CRelative humidity non-condensing up to 90 %

Display -

  • VL-MW274 (7-inch wide colour / WVGA (800x480 pixels), VL-V522L (-), VL-W617 (1.8-inch colour display)

Display language -

  • VL-MW274 (English, Arabic), VL-V522L (-), VL-W617 (Depends on main monitor)

Talking method -

  • VL-MW274 (Hands-free), VL-V522L (-), VL-W617 (Hands-free)

Frequency range -

  • VL-MW274 (2.402GHz – 2.481 GHz), VL-V522L (-), VL-W617 (2.402GHz -2.481 GHz)

Viewing angle -

  • VL-MW274 (-), VL-V522L (Horizontally:Approx.87 ĚŠ Vertically: Approx.6), VL-W617 (-)

Installation method -

  • VL-MW274 (Wall mount (mounting bracket supplied), VL-V522L (Surface mount (mounting base supplied)), VL-W617 (-)

Minimum illuminance required

  • VL-MW274 (-), VL-V522L (1 lx(within approx.50 cm from the cameralens), VL-W617 (-)

Lighting method -

  • VL-MW274 (-), VL-V522L (Warm white coloured LED lights Infrared LEDs), VL-W617 (-)

Transmitting range - 

  • VL-MW274 (-), VL-V522L (-), VL-W617 (Approx.100 m (line-of-sight distance from the main monitor)

IP rating / IK rating - 

  • VL-MW274 (-), VL-V522L (IPX3), VL-W617 (-)

External material - 

  • VL-MW274 (Flame retardant ABS resin), VL-V522L (Flame retardant ABSresin), VL-W617 (ABS resin)

- When sub monitors and extension monitors are used together, a total of up to 6 sub monitors and extensionmonitors can be registered.

- Including AC cord. The weight of the AC cord differs depending on the region.

- Water resistance is only assured if the doorphone isinstalled correctly according to the instructions in the Installation Guide, and appropriate water protection measures are taken.

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