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Panasonic VL-SV70 Video Intercom Systems

Panasonic VL-SV70 Video Intercom Systems

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Video Intercom System VL-SV70

Key Features •7-inch Screen:

The main monitor has a large, 7-inch wide screen that clearly shows each visitor’s face.

  • One-touch Voice Change Function : This unique safety feature makes the voice heard at the doorphone sound deeper so that a female voice sounds like a male voice. The voice change function can be activated with one touch of a button from the main monitor during an incoming call.
  • Electric Lock Release Support : The door lock can be easily and quickly released from the e-lock release button on the monitor during an incoming call, or while talking or monitoring.
  • Picture Recording Function : The main monitor can record up to 50 still images from doorphone calls and monitoring sessions. (Up to 50 sessions [up to 4 still images per session])
  • Night Vision with LED Lighting : The doorphone is equipped with LED lighting that enables visitors at a distance of about 50 cm to appear in colour, even when it is dark.
  • Easy-to-use : The ringtone can easily be muted and the volume increased/decreased from the ring volume button on the main monitor, as needed.
  • Type: Single-pair cable with outer sheath (jacket) Conductor: Copper solid
  • A certified power supply wiring has to be used with this equipment. The relevant national installation and/or equipment regulations shall be considered. A certified power supply wiring not lighter than ordinary polyvinyl chloride flexible wiring according to IEC 60227 shall be used.
  • When using an electric lock or a connection device for option input (A contact), select a device that meets the following guidelines:
  • Electric lock connection terminal (S1/S2):
  • N/O dry closure contact
  • 30 V AC (1 A)/24 V DC (1 A) or lower
  • Connection device for option input (A contact) terminal (IN1/IN2):
  • Input method: No-voltage contact
  • Open-circuit voltage between terminals: DC 7 V or less
  • Detection definite time: 0.1 seconds or moreShort-circuit between terminals: 5 mA or less Resistance value: make: 500 Ω or less, break: 15 KΩ or more
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